Netflix ‘N Swill

Bear Grylls vs. Steady Habits

April 16, 2019

This week, we have a nice little discussion of You vs. Wild, the latest interactive program from Netflix, and thanks to patron Julio of The Contrarians, we review The Land of Steady Habits. Plus we discuss if Disney+ is the Netflix killer that we all predicted it would be.

00:00:51 Intro

00:04:00 Quick Hits

00:12:57 News

00:31:41 Downstream

00:37:19 What's Your Story? Livestream for the Cure 3

00:38:29 You vs. Wild review

00:59:25 Livestream for the Cure 3 promo. Find out more details at 

01:00:33 Patreon Review Segment - The Land of Steady Habits

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