Netflix ‘N Swill

Bonding Chambers

April 30, 2019

This week, we return from our break in order to review two new Netflix Original series, Chambers and Bonding. Plus, patron of the show Paul gave us a movie to watch where nothing happens.

Things we watched this week: Black Summer, The Silence, Bonding, Chambers, Temple

00:00:43 Intro

00:04:25 Quick Hits

00:10:47 News

00:21:23 Downstream

00:24:55 Shaken Not Nerd promo. Listen at 

00:26:03 Chambers review

03:36:13 Bonding review

00:44:17 Livestream for the Cure 3 promo. Find out more details at 

00:45:24 Patreon Review Segment - Temple

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