Netflix ‘N Swill

Yer a Witcher, Henry

December 23, 2019
This week, the wind's howling as the guys find a place of power in the Witcher season 1, plus Entertainment Weekly gets screeners in order to do a poor job of reviewing The Witcher, and we talk the final Oscar contender movie for Netflix of the season.

00:00:45 Intro

00:05:37 What's Your Swill

00:08:03 News

00:21:35 Downstream

00:27:04 Quick Hits: Don't F**k With Cats

00:30:02 The Movie Cellar Promo

00:31:01 Feature Review: The Witcher Season 1

00:51:08 The Witcher Season 1 spoilers

00:57:04 Super Spoilers for The Witcher

01:00:36 Ratings for The Witcher (specifically because Caleb told me to)

01:03:52 Feature Review 2 Electric Boogaloo: The Two Popes

Dan's Guest Spot on The Contrarians:

Caleb's Guest Spot on Two Peas on a Podcast: (give Gerald some money god dammit)

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