Netflix ‘N Swill

Castlevania and the Curious Disappearance of Toilet Paper

March 16, 2020
This week, we ask "What the fuck is toilet paper?" as we review Castlevania season 3 while discussing the effects of the Coronavirus on the movie and tv industry, Sexy Robot the show gets renewed, and John Boyega gets an exclusive deal.

00:00:45 Intro

00:03:38 What's Your Swill?

00:05:25 News

00:17:37 Downstream

00:24:56 Quick Hits: Castlevania, I'm Not Okay With This, Grace & Frankie, Star Trek: The Next Generation

00:32:37 Livestream 4 the Cure

00:33:18 Feature Review: Castlevania season 3

00:41:146 Castlevania season 3 spoilers.

00:59:49 Patreon Review: Tremors

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