Netflix ‘N Swill

Ka-BOOM! The Buddy Thunderstruck Episode

March 14, 2017

Fart nugget! Caleb recorded off his laptop mic and not his fancy expensive one, so he sounds pretty bad this time. We hit on some trailers, bash Amy Schumer, and of course shower praise on our main topic, the new Netflix original Buddy Thunderstruck.


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So I Married a Movie Geek. Some of us marry doctors or lawyers. Some of us marry businessmen or entrepreneurs. I married a Movie Geek. Join us on this wild ride as we watch movies I've NEVER seen, drink copious amounts of wine, dissect and sometimes deflect from the subject at hand.  Sometimes we even get snarky! Got requests?  Send 'em in. If Justin approves and Krissy hasn't seen it, you might just see it up on the podcast.



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Transition clips: Netflix's "Bojack Horseman", Channel101's "Cautionary Tales of Swords"

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