Netflix ‘N Swill

Bill Nye Saves the House of Cards

April 25, 2017

Sorry it sounds like Caleb is talking through a paper towel tube for half the episode. Our latest episode features our analyses of House of Cards season 4, Bill Nye Saves the World, and a serious discussion of Zooey Deschanel's bangs.


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Via VHS Podcast. Slightly cynical, Southern Cinephiles fueled by nostalgia and plagued by tangents. Each week your host Wesley is joined by Alex, Derek and Beebz and by combining their formidable powers they create the Core 4. Together they discuss all the news and recent releases in the world of Movies, while also reminiscing on the Movies & TV of their youth. Also, be sure to check out VIA VHS's other show Rewind Review. Wesley is joined by other Movie podcasters and even members of the Core 4, to look back at specific films from the VCR era. VIA VHS is a proud member of the #podernfamily and a premium member of the #MoviePodSquad on social media. You can find us @viavhs


Who Spiked the Puns Podcast. Bradlee Jay, Fuzzy Dan, and Neeko. Three friends taking two movies and making them touch each other in one podcast. The format is simple. Every week we watch two movies, tenuously linked by a bad pun, and put them in a conversational blender. There's no intent to be professional movie critics. We are just a bunch of guys having yarns in a comfy lounge, whilst getting fairly inebriated. If you're looking for a serious film review podcast, there a plenty of awesome ones out there. Some focus on new movies. Some focus on bad movies. We focus on good drinks and bad jokes; the movies are secondary. If this sounds like your bag, we highly recommend that you grab a few beers, sit back with some friends, enjoy the movies and laugh along with us. We'd be sad if you didn't.


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