Netflix ‘N Swill

Roger Stone, Political Hitman

May 16, 2017

Get Me Roger Stone is a freakin' CRAZY show! We talk beer, Caleb reviews Mindhorn, and we eagerly anticipat Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 3. We have all kinds of good stuff this week, including the debut of a new segment. We love you.

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This week's promos:

Who Spiked The Puns podcast. The podcast where we take 2 unacquainted films, rub their locations together, explore their plot holes, and swap their casts. All the while dousing them in beer, wine & tequila. Penalties for bad puns... and good puns.

In Poor Taste podcast. Eric and Sean meet each week in producer J-Pro's basement to record distaste for one person to listen to. Will they get sued, cancelled and generally assaulted? Yes. 


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Outro Music: "Dirtbag" by Brad Sucks

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Transition clips: Netflix's "Bojack Horseman"

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