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You Say You Wanna Get Better

September 17, 2018
Welcome to Netflix 'N Swill, your source for Netflix news, reviews, and booze.
This week, Caleb has a brand new microphone thanks to the newest patron of the show Ben and we're reviewing Bojack Horseman Season 5. Just how much did the guys love this season? Just listen in and find out.
00:01:00 Intro
00:08:11 Caleb's Swill Corner
00:10:05 Netflix News
00:15:26 Downstream
00:23:03 Stories of Yore and Yours Promo 
00:24:55 What Did You Watch This Week?
00:44:26 Bojack Horseman Season 5 review
00:48:30 Bojack Horseman Season 5 spoilers
01:08:13 Patreon Movie Review: Hardcore Henry
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