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Fuzzy Dan? What is This, A Crossover Episode?

September 12, 2017

Spoilers for Bojack Horseman Season 4 from 43:47-01:05:30


Caleb is off dog sitting which means Dan gets to run the show. In order to get some chaos into the equation, Dan called upon Fuzzy Dan from Who Spiked the Puns? to create Danception. With that, the Dans stomp all over nostalgia and a Mean Girls remake before getting into the real reason you're listening to the show, Bojack Horseman Season 4. Finally, the Dans get into their Dic Picks which feature a movie by Korean Roland Emmerich and White Chicks. Yeah, that's right. Someone suffered through White Chicks. We make sacrifices for this show dammit.


I want to thank Fuzzy for coming onto the show and being awesome. You can hear more of Fuzzy on his podcast Who Spiked The Puns?

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Intro Music: "Pressure" from Alta View (ft. Nick Thompson) 

Outro Music: "So Pumped" from Netflix's Buddy Thunderstruck